My heart burns

Posted on August 10, 2006


I had a great day today. I helped a deserving person who had the thoughtfulness to bring proof of his case while fleeing the country. We’re having legal orgasms around here. For four hours I managed to interview someone in Arabic! Who’d have thunk it. Although I did once get up out of my seat and flail around hysterically trying to shoo a fly that was plaguing us in an almost IDF-like way out the window. I went searching for a fly swatter. So I guess I have not reached the pinnacle of professional lawyerdom yet (but then, I wear jeans to work).

Incidentally…that whole Cafe-Riche-sketchy-shisha excursion has made both E and I sick, albeit in very different ways. Mine involved, needless to say, having to tell three completely unknown young men at the pharmacy how many times I was having diarrhea. Oh, I know I’m telling you…but there’s no eye contact. And I don’t feel any better despite that humiliation. Of course, I also pointed out that since I am constipated, the number of occurences of diarrhea should probably be calculated differently for me. Let it never be said that I turned down any opportunity to embarrass myself. Note: E has pointed out, correctly, that it was not Cafe Riche that has brung us low, but a dilapidated ahwa on the sidewalk behind AUC called Hamada, and perhaps in my case a tuna sandwich from Beano’s, which tasted crap as well. Cafe Riche was the day before (E is my girlfriend and we hang out every day). Let us not malign innocent eccentric establishments. And to think that the generations of AUCians who have adorned the filthy “premises” of Hamada should be thus played false!

Today I was walking in the street when a guy yelled something out at me, only to be told by his friend, “she’s just a little kid!” in contempt. These guys were in their 20’s. I wasn’t sure whether to be irate or pleased, but since I like being irate, I went with it. I mean, surely not wearing makeup and tying up my hair doesn’t take me right to “little kid”? I should take more care of myself.

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