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Posted on August 1, 2006


Cairo is so afloat in blogworthy moments that there’s almost no point in blogging about it. Why, if I enumerated the times that my breasts were likened to various kinds of fruit today I’d be here all day.
Well, I like my new job. I mean, it has mixed bathrooms and a cute boss, so it does somewhat fulfill my Ally Mcbeal fantasies (although the similarity ends, quite firmly, there). And I found a way out of the neighbourhood that minimizes sexual harassment from assorted government lackeys. However, due to straightened economic circumstances, said way takes me to the metro. It wasn’t too bad, except I got off at the wrong stop which forced me to sojourn quite extensively in the nasty environs of Hadayek el Zatoon. It’s amazing how much an mp3 player helps though, considering that most dudes prefer to mutter their filth under their breath.

I was in the AUC bookstore today browsing when a boy who was next to me whispered, “Betdawary 3ala eh?”
“An English-Arabic dictionary,” I whispered back. He then proceeded to whisper to me a large number of possible titles, as well as locations where one could buy legal dictionaries. He also regaled me with the difference between a lexographer and a lexicographer (or something). It was then that I began to become alarmed by this strange, never-before-suspected species of dictionary-obsessed, whispering Egyptian male. I should have been clued in by the fact that he was actually reading a dictionary in the store. Just reading page after page.
OK one more…yesterday a taxi driver asked me, “Howa aal sa7ee7 Hizb Allah dool sheyoo3een?” (Is it true that Hizbollah are communists?)
I thought for a bit and said “Asdak Shi3a?” (Do you mean Shi’a?). The two words are quite similar in Arabic, but still, even asking such a question – in Egypt – displays a dangerous level of ignorance. People should at least know that they’re balancing traditional enemy against less traditional enemy, and over what. Ay tahreeg. Not that it’s not seeming like a more viable option every day, supporting Hizbollah. Good luck with that “eradicating support” thing. But still, thank God for Mubarak’s consummate ass-kissing and bending over.

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