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Forsoothsayer meets the sandmonkey

July 13, 2006


Yesterday I met the sandmonkey and he’s surprisingly nice! Not as all as big of a dickhead as his blog would lead you to think. He’s just a regular Egyptian dude who holds perfectly understandable views and giggles a lot. He’s not even as much of a yuppie-ass shit as you’d expect – but being […]

This blog is turning into a social diary

July 12, 2006


Home, exhausted, and coated with dirt. Pretty much the usual condition for Cairenes. Went to the opera today to watch a jazz performance by Ahmed Rabie and co. with my friend E and some friends of hers I hadn’t met before. The thing is, I hate jazz. But I always agree to go to jazz […]

Mint tea and shisha (with background football) Part II

July 10, 2006


As predicted, I did indeed have to secure the services of a plumber within the first few days of my arrival. I hadn’t even considered, actually, the mere possibility that I wouldn’t. Stuff breaks down on a minutely basis here, no one knows why. Well, in this case, we do know: my sister left the […]

First Egyptian post

July 8, 2006


So yeah, the city victorious. It’s fantastic. Just that wet smell of dust and green makes me happy.I wish I could see the flight was uneventful, but I flew Egyptair, so it wasn’t. At least three altercations broke out over seating, there was one “is there a doctor on the plane? We have a medical […]

Forsoothsayer in Cairo

July 7, 2006


I arrive in Cairo tonight. Egyptian residents, call me, or email me if you don’t have my number!

Girls and boys and books

July 5, 2006


I am reading Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch, which is basically disappointing me. I figured I’d best read it now while I have football-crazed males in greatest abundance around me. Plus, I really enjoyed High Fidelity (although How to be Good sucked if not a fat, then intermediate-sized, cock); High Fidelity was the first book to […]

Toot gives the boot (in a manner of speaking)

July 3, 2006


I’m disproportionately upset by my lack of inclusion on (reluctant to link, but how else will you know what I am talking about?). I submitted my blog twice. I don’t know why it means so much to me, but it does. I mean, lots of other blogs no more interesting than mine are there. […]