A little distraction from the carnage

Posted on July 19, 2006


Did a large number of things these past couple of days that resulted in my reaching a heretofore unknown level of dirtiness.
I met my friend E for lunch yesterday (we’re pretty much dating at this point, I think. At least, I cannot remember spending so much time with, and talking on the phone so many times to, a girl. Maybe I’ve just forgotten how Egypt works?). It’s nice. I had planned on going home, but due to capitalism not really taking here yet, she blew off work and hung around with me in various places until midnight. So we ate, shisha-d our brains out and then we went off to meet her friend at a random piece of sidewalk by the Bourse that she chose to designate as an ahwa. This was obviously one of those plastic chairs, small metal tables, hepatitis floating in the air affairs, with determined tourists sitting around nervously soaking up local culture. There was also an old man with his galabia turned up above his knees who was talking to a small transistor radio that he had plugged in with headphones. He was shouting something about the internet. That was frankly the most surprising thing about him.
Afterwards she dragged me off to AUC to watch a documentary which was part of the alternative film festival. The film was called El banat dool, (those girls), and it was about homeless teenage girls in Cairo, directed by Tahani Rached. It was sad and funny and touching and everything that you would expect, and I have always liked Tahani Rached’s work, but it was the question and answer period that was really the most illuminating…

Meh…am too tired to continue. Rest assured the account does contain at least one incidence of excreta.

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