First Egyptian post

Posted on July 8, 2006


So yeah, the city victorious. It’s fantastic. Just that wet smell of dust and green makes me happy.
I wish I could see the flight was uneventful, but I flew Egyptair, so it wasn’t. At least three altercations broke out over seating, there was one “is there a doctor on the plane? We have a medical emergency!”, and some woman got up 15 minutes before the plane stopped moving and absolutely refused to take a seat, with her child, no matter how the crew entreated her and yelled at her. She just looked at them as if they were retarded, not as if everyone was staring at her from their seats and begging her to sit down. I wish a bag had in fact fallen on her head. There’s not a single Egyptair flight I’ve been on where the pilot didn’t have to abandon decorous classical Arabic to shout over the public address system, “ya gama3a momken to3odo!” (People, can you sit down!) we were all getting on the same bus, anyway. At one point when everone was thronging the aisle well before the doors opened, one fucker even yelled, “howa el ragel dah mewa2afna leh. Ya Rayes!”
Rayes?! I thought. “Howa faker nafso fe autobees?” I said to my neighbour, but she vouchsafed no response. It might have been muffled by her niqab.

Everything was going fine and dandy, copious phone calls from friends raining down on my head, etc…when of course, this being Egypt, some shit had to go wrong. The hot water heater has broken. And the bathtub doesn’t drain properly. I guess I will get on this tomorrow…
Got to smoke my shisha while watching the World Cup with friends, without a thought to the weather, public transportation or suitable footwear. I guess life is perfect enough for now.
Except of course, we have the slowest dial-up ever, so you’ll have to bear with me until I get DSL hooked up (or stolen, as the case usually is in Egypt).

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