Running out of blog material…Last-ditch effort

Posted on July 1, 2006


A few days ago a friend of my parents’ brought a large basket thing of chocolates as a graduation present for me (the first such initiative – thank you friends, family, and significant other!) Contrary to the habit of large baskets of chocolates, they taste yummy. I am now steadily regaining all lost weight.
Me: Could you not eat the pink chocolates at the top?
Mom: What top?
Me: Of the chocolates. The top.
Mom: Which ones?
Me: The pink ones.
I’ve noticed that any conversation with Egyptian parents involves much repeating, and further dismemberment of a previously uttered, concise sentence. I thought it was just my parents, until I heard a couple of my friends talking to their parents as if they had recently suffered a concussion. These parents are otherwise savvy, successful, intelligent people, but dealing with offspring incapacitates them wholly.
Mom: Why the pink ones?
Me: Cos they’re nice.
Mom: (mildly) Ah, say so then. So, not because they taste bad. 3eshna we rabeina (We’ve lived and brought you up well).

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