Posted on June 26, 2006


Was just watching some ABC news show with George Greekname. I don’t normally watch the news, or read it, as it invariably makes me angry and I end up shouting at what, after all, is an inanimate object. This can only result in me looking foolish. However, with so little English language programming here my choices are limited. Anyway, they were on about this Amnesty plan proposed by the Iraqi PM. With the opening question I had turned the TV off and left the couch. Apparently:

“For heaven’s sake, we liberated that country,” Levin said on “Fox News Sunday.” “We got rid of a horrific dictator. We’ve paid a tremendous price. More than 2,500 Americans have given up their lives. The idea that they should even consider talking about amnesty for people who have killed people who liberated their country is unconscionable.”

The fuck? Are they, or are they not, armed combatants? Did they, or did they not, invade Iraq in an offensive mission? And haven’t many more Iraqis died as a result? They talk like these Americans were fire-fighters who had, bafflingly, been killed by those who called them to save them from the fire. And this Senator Levin is a Democrat! While a Republican Senator was the one to make reasonable comments about sovereign decision making, although he too opposed amnesty.
I can no longer make excuses for these people. It’s not that they are mislead by the media, or that they are ignorant, or that they really believe in this whole liberation shebang. It seems like only malice or sheer racism could lead people to conclude, for some reason, that an occupied country should NOT resist. Does it really turn on whether the resistance is from an organized national military? It’s still armed men killing other armed men, who incidentally invaded them. That’s a war crime? God help those poor people. May everyone who voted for war in Iraq, and those who signed up specifically to fight in Iraq, die of leprosy.

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