My sister and I

Posted on June 24, 2006


My sister and I have had our final fight. The reason for our fights is that she treats me like shit. Always has – in between our bouts of babying and nicknaming and cuddling she is rude, mean and just cruel. She doesn’t treat anyone else this way – everyone else loves her. No one else knows that she has a terrible temper and thinks nothing of bellowing hurtful things, things she knows I am particularly sensitive about. And I have always been conciliatory, a doormat, letting things slide.
She’s a devout Christian – but somehow her Christian meekness and charity and all of that doesn’t extend to me. Whenever I accuse her of rudeness or meanness she always tells me that it is I who am rude to people. Today she said that if she didn’t treat me this way I would never learn. She didn’t say learn – she said something more like “discipline me” (te2adebny!). She’s my LITTLE sister. And since when has repeated cruelty taught anybody anything? I’ve never said a single word that could in any way be construed badly to her. No, seriously – no matter what issues other people may have with my manners, nothing bad has ever exited my lips to her. I’ve thought it through. I said this, and she said I don’t even know when I’m being rude to people. However, she can’t give me a single example, nor has she ever pointed out a single instance at the time. But in no way could I be remotely capable of treating anyone the way she treats me. Never.
We’re supposed to live together in Egypt. I don’t know what to do. Tears are streaming down my face as I write this. I’m sick of it. No matter what I do, she treats me worse than an animal. Today she told me I was going to hell for not being a believer.

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