Requesting virtual hugs

Posted on June 21, 2006


I just found out that I didn’t get this internship I really wanted. It was basically part of a project where the Canadian government pays young professionals to intern internationally for six months, and the one I wanted was at an NGO in Egypt called Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance. They offer legal aid to African refugees. I felt that no one could possibly be more suited to this position – I already know Egypt well, I speak Arabic, I specialized in refugee law.
I emailed the co-ordinator to ask why, and she said they were looking for “a certain amount of experience, education, language skills, travel experience, writing skills and proven research skills, as well as a genuine desire to learn more about the Arab world. You may have answered to all of these, but there may have been stronger candidates.” This, of course, told me nothing. The only thing I suppose I don’t have is experience – but if a person has experience, they probably have a job, making them ineligible for this placement in the first place. And surely there is no one that has both experience, and speaks Arabic? Can there really be so many recently graduated, Arabic speaking, refugee lawyers?
Not even an interview. I’m seriously bummed out. I do have other opportunities in Egypt – but none in refugee law.
On the bright side – as of today, I am tanned. First swimsuit donning of the summer! I was so happy that I gazed fondly at the Kuwaiti bulldykes and their girlfriends (it was all-women day at the beach).

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