Warning: whimsicalness ahead

Posted on June 20, 2006


So far, I am enjoying Kuwait a lot. Even though I have done hardly anything here. I suppose it’s more accurate to say I appreciate it more. For example, I really appreciate my family. All three of them are genuinely funny people. All we do all day is banter hilariously (at least, we think we’re hilarious). My sister (The Tweet) had freaked me out before I arrived complaining about my mom, who has never quite been a normal person. But she seems eminently dealable-with, even if she has become something of a hypochondriac. She’s got post-its all over the bathroom labelling towels with our names and separate laundry baskets and stuff. She keeps going on about “contamination” and “infection”. However, I am generally more patient and so it’s all well under control.
We left the airport with my dad’s two homies and went and had juice by the Gulf, in one of those cafes where the menu items are so quaintly spelt wrong. The air was thick and muggy, as it always is here in the summer. I had REAL juice. And yummy shawerma with the CORRECT amount of garlic. And we all laughed and had a great conversation (years and years of going to church have trained The Tweet and I to be completely comfortable with “adults”).
Yesterday The Tweet and I went around with our dad doing errands and I was charmed by so many things I thought I was immune to: the gargantuan variety of products at the supermarket, many more than you see in Canada – and at better prices; the unassuming bakeries with all the mounds of fresh bread and baked goods on the round metal trays; nighttime temperatures of 47 degrees Celsius.
And new things I enjoy: walking on the beach with my sister at midnight, and being harassed by no one – there were hordes of people and everyone was amazingly chill. You couldn’t do that a few years ago. Best of all….DSL AT HOME! So you’ll be hearing (reading) from me a lot.
Interestingly, I told my dad about M. He took it very, very well, although there was a surprisingly amount of inquiry into his exact ethnic and religious background. I had thought that just “Canadian” would suffice. He promised to “ferment” the matter in his head. My family are always fermenting issues; we never just think about them.