Bright-eyed pessimism

Posted on June 15, 2006


Yesterday M and I were discussing my impending departure and plans thereafter.

M: Either I’ll get that thing I applied for in Egypt and we’ll meet up there, or something will happen to make you come running back. Maybe a mild beating by the police in a protest…
Me: You want me to come back here as a result of police brutality? What kind of attitude is that?
M: Only a mild beating. You know, just enough to give you a little scare, not enough for you to get hurt.
S: Well, that might work…
M: Or maybe that Egyptian government will pass some edict that will make it impossible for you to continue living there. Like, some law saying that all Christians have to wear little hats, or something.
S: Hey, it’s been done before…
M: Wouldn’t you come right back if something like that happened?
S: Yes, I would.
M: Well, OK then!

M has a well-placed faith in the Egyptian government fucking life up in some way for me. Or, I could have so much fun there that I’d forget about Canada altogether. When I’m in Cairo, Canada seems like someplace I imagined.