Little Green Footballs

Posted on June 10, 2006


I had heard mention of this site before, but never accessed it. I was sent this link from it about Robert Fisk. I accept the arguments put forward in Efraim Karsh’s well-supported critique of Fisk’s book. It is also more than possible that his many errors of fact, placed in context, diminish the value of his entire analysis.
However: the site itself. I note, first, that registration to comment is closed. Fantastic. A lively intellectual discourse is surely their goal. Some links that caught my eye in the sidebar: “Palestinian Child Abuse: a slideshow showing the appalling indoctrination of Palestinian children into violence”. And another: “Palestinians celebrate 9/11”. And another link labelling the intifada as “An Engineered Tragedy”. I see neutrality and scholarly integrity in every corner. Are there links saying “Palestinians massacred by the hundred in their homes” or “Palestinian children killed by Israeli tanks” or “Acknowledged Israeli war criminals in cabinet”? No, I believe my eyes detect no such phenomena.
There are several links about September 11, “The Black Day” “We will always remember”, and the like. Are there comparable links about the decimation of Afghani villages with weapons of mass destruction? There was one promising link to “Iraqi Mass Graves” but, lo and behold, it doesn’t work.
No, it all points to the image of The Evil Arab or The Evil Muslim. I don’t like accusing people of racism, but no reasonable observer could fail to note that this site, like so many sources of media, values some lives above others.

Maybe sarcasm isn’t so bad after all.

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