Mild Sunday post

Posted on June 4, 2006


Today was a lovely day of browsing street markets hand-in-hand with the boyfriend in the sun, eating things and buying bargain goods. I even managed to find, and purchase, some halawa (the eating kind, not the depilation kind). Toronto is an amazing place!
Anyway, I approached a henna booth and asked if they would do a scales of justice tattoo on me. I wanted to get a real scales of justice tattoo to celebrate my graduation from law school, but this has been emphatically pooh-poohed by the vast majority of my acquaintance (and of course, much stronger reactions are to be expected from my parents). Anyway, the henna guy informed me that black henna is now illegal in Canada, because it contains a substance that gives people allergies or whatever. “I guess I’ll just wait and get it done in the Middle East then – nothing’s illegal there.”
“What if it causes allergic reactions in people?”
“No one has allergies in the Middle East. Those people die early on.”
“Survival of the fittest huh?” the dude said uncomfortably. I’ve noticed that Canadians get uncomfortable when I make sweeping statements involving widespread death. Don’t know why.