May 25: International Day of Solidarity with the Egyptian Democracy Movement

Posted on May 22, 2006


On the one-year anniversary of Black Wednesday in Cairo
And in solidarity with demonstrations in London, Paris, Seoul, and New York

Information for Email/Phone/Fax Action on May 25, see below

The Toronto Egyptian Solidarity Campaign is calling on people across the Greater Toronto Area who are concerned with the escalating violence against democracy activists in Egypt to join us on May 25, 2006 for a day of solidarity with Egyptian judges and activists. Their demands for judicial independence have been met with state repression and imprisonment over the last three weeks. This day of solidarity will coincide with major protests in Egypt as well as similar activities taking place in several other cities across North America and Europe. Please see details below.

Between April 24 and April 27, 2006, Egyptian activists taking part in a solidarity camp in downtown Cairo were attacked by thousands of riot police, resulting in almost fifty arrests of activists from different opposition groups. The camp had been organized in solidarity with a sit-in at the Judges’ Club after two judges – Hisham Bastawisi and Mahmoud Mekki – had been subjected to disciplinary measures by the government for raising concerns about fraud in the 2005 legislative elections. Since then hundreds of other activists have been arrested as well, and remain in prison for supporting the campaign for judicial independence.

The Toronto Egyptian Solidarity Campaign is a coalition of activists – Egyptian and non-Egyptian – that was formed in the weeks following the police attacks on the solidarity camp in Cairo. We demand that the Egyptian state immediately release all those imprisoned in recent weeks, and that the government take immediate measures to guarantee judicial independence as demanded by Egyptian judges.

The day of solidarity on May 25 will also coincide with the one-year anniversary of Black Wednesday in Cairo when riot police brutally attacked peaceful demonstrators who were protesting the government’s disingenuous and inadequate amendments to the constitution in order to create a façade of free elections in Egypt. Join us in support of Egyptian activists during this difficult time and let the Egyptian state know that as it intensifies its campaign of intimidation against the growing opposition movement, we will continue to stand in solidarity with people who are struggling for democracy in Egypt!

Location: Egypt Air Office, 151 Bloor St. West (East of Avenue Rd.)
Date: Thursday May 25, 2006
Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
For more information contact the Toronto Egyptian Solidarity Campaign at:


Join the May 25th day of solidarity with Egyptian judges and democracy activists by phoning, faxing, and/or e-mailing the Egyptian embassy in Ottawa to protest the government’s attack on the judiciary and the continued imprisonment of democracy activists.

Phone, fax, and/or email the embassy between 12pm and 2pm on Thursday May 25th, 2006 and let our voices be heard that we will stand in support all the way with people fighting against Egyptian state repression.

Below are the details for the Egyptian embassy in Ottawa:
Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Ottawa
Phone: 613-234-4931/ 35/ 58
Fax: 613-234-9347

Embassy in Washington:

The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt

3521 International Ct. NW

Washington DC 20008

Phone (202) 895 5400

Fax (202) 244 5131

(202) 244 4319

Minster of the Interior, General Habib Ibrahim Habib El Adly, Cairo
Fax: 0-11-202-794-5529

Counsellor Maher ‘Abd al-Wahid, Public Prosecutor, Cairo
Fax: 0-11-202-577-4716

For more information contact the Toronto Egyptian Solidarity Campaign at:

More information about the detentions at,, ….pretty much on every site in the Egyptian blogosphere.