TORONTO MOVING SALE – blatant advertising!

Posted on May 20, 2006


I’ve been worrying about how I’m going to get all this stuff off our hands, when I remembered that I have this blog that I can use! Sorry though.

Everything must go before May 30

1. One white wooden kitchen tale and four chairs
2. One black metal futon frame, double/full size
3. One black 10 inch futon mattress
4. White IKEA 3 drawer dresser
5. White IKEA 2 drawer bedside table

7. IKEA desk, two drawer
8. Brown wooden IKEA coffee table
9. 2 white plastic faux bamboo 3 drawer storage units
10. One plastic 3 drawer storage unit
11. Cork bulletin board

13. Two unused roll up window blinds
14. Dishes
15. Cutlery
16. Pots and pans
17. Microwave
18. 100+ novels and other books
19. Blankets and comforters
20. Mirrors in several sizes
21. Hanging mobile from IKEA
22. Microwave stand with shelves

24. Computer speakers

26. One cordless phone, one regular phone
27. One hard suitcase in good shape

29. One standing lamp
30. Unused lava lamp
31. one floor fan
32. two desk lamps

Miscellaneous other items! Clocks, binders, school supplies, framed artwork, extension cords, vases etc. No CDs. Cannot deliver.

COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! 500 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York
Email: forsooth at email dot com

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