Further triumph

Posted on May 19, 2006


Today I had my first experience of the ease of citizen life. I went to apply for a passport, and was in and out of there in 15 minutes. It was rigidly organized, no one asked me for any reasons why I wanted my passport expedited, and no one eyed me askance. The building was covered, wallpapered, with directions to the passport office; the elevators spoke to you soothingly in both French and English, and there was both a photographer and photocopying store in the same building. Every facility was provided for the speedy resolution of your business with the government. A far cry from the offices that cater to new immigrants and refugees, always tucked away on unlabelled floors to which people guide you with the greatest reluctance. People are rude, lines are long, and you are always sent somewhere else to acquire a tiny piece of further documentation.
Ahhh. I get the passport on Friday.

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