Prick Alert

Posted on May 17, 2006


Am planning a longer post for later but for now I just need to vent.

The other night my roommate’s boyfriend J came over with his sister. He is a person who, until now, I have liked and respected. He said hello to me and said, “We hardly ever say a proper hello anymore.”
Going for some sort of teasing banter (a line of speech which admittedly often goes awry with me) I said, “It’s probably because I first see you when you’re in your underwear and am too embarrassed to say anything.” Right after I said this, I remembered that my roommate had told me that J’s sister believes him to be pure as the driven snow and that my comment would probably cause problems. Sure, he’s in his late twenties and spends several nights a week at our apartment, and she sees him return home at the crack of dawn, but the innocence of a grown woman must be preserved at all costs. Anyway, I told S, my roommate, who wasn’t around at the time and we giggled and I forgot about it.
So tonight, I was just in the kitchen making a cup of tea (note: NOT pouring a glass of wine, for the certain someone who alleged I was an alcoholic) when he suddenly said, “Hey, I just wanted to talk to you about what you said to my sister the other day about me being in my underwear. That wasn’t cool at all and it bothered me.”
Contritely I said “Yeah, I forgot that your sister wasn’t privy to this sort of thing.” But before I could apologize he went on. “I guess you said that because you are Arab and have no manners and so I thought I’d let you know.”
I was silent. What the fuck was this? Are we doing this now? It wasn’t as though he said this in anger; he was perfectly calm. I was very angry, something I don’t often get.
“Do you expect me to apologize now, now that you’ve maligned my race and said that’s why I have no manners?”
“Maybe you just have no manners then.”
“And you still expect me to apologize?”
“No I just wanted to let you know, so that next time you won’t say stupid shit and offend everyone.”
“Look, I just forgot about your sister not knowing. Some people’s siblings would be OK with hearing that kind of thing.”
“Yeah, that’s true.”
Conciliatory now, bitch? I tried to calm down and I washed the dishes, but I’m still steaming mad.

What a fucking asshole. Who does this, attribute someone’s mistake to – first – them having no manners as a whole (and I assuredly don’t think this situation had anything to do with “manners”) and THEN being straightforward racist to their face? What a vile worm. What’s with this redneck bullshit anyway when he has a furry beard and a huge turban and is friends with scores of Arabs? I can find no excuse for this and have lost all respect for him.

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