Re-acclimatization to the Egyptian street

Posted on May 13, 2006


     My building has a lot of losers who sit around downstairs and harass passing girls. Now and then some teenager will attempt to pick me up by addressing me with the irresistible appellation of “shorty”. It seems the use of this term is thought to render women weak in the knees, so confidently do these punks brandish it. Today, however, a fully grown man actually tried to get my attention by calling “Girlfriend! Girlfriend!” until I turned around. When I did, he crooked his finger at me masterfully in a beckoning motion. In what universe does this guy inhabit, where he merely beckons females in the lobbies of buildings and they gleefully trot over? Probably the same universe as filthy Egyptian lowlifes who in all seriousness attempt to pick me up in Cairo streets. My greatest sensation is usually disbelief that such delusion should exist in the world. I want a re-establishment of class boundaries, people. If freedom from sexual harassment cannot be achieved altogether, then men should at least harass only those who are realistically attainable, within their attractiveness level and socio-economic class. To the asshole in the lobby I said, “Yeah, right!” and got on the elevator.

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