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Posted on May 6, 2006


Don’t ask why I am doing this, but I’m doing some research on shoe fetishists. Maybe to justify the acquisition of the dozens of pairs I have – I’d like to believe they’re a sexual investment. You would NOT believe the shit out there – the subfetishes are truly amazing. So I expected dudes to be into heels rather than flats, boots of course, nice toes, maybe licking. But no…there are people who are into muddy shoes, scuffed shoes, distressed shoes, well worn shoes (grave distinctions it seems), pedal pumping, shoes being burned, shoes and food, cutting and tearing shoes, girl on girl trampling, corns, blisters….there are probably subgroups associated with cobbling and re-heeling. Damn. We have got to get some other interests than putting tab A into slot B – that’s so over.

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