Posted on April 20, 2006


I am typing away deliriously in the library, on this, the last day of my academic career. Sometime between yesterday and today I have developed an allergy to dust, and so the library is NOT the place to be. I have so much used Kleenex around me it’s like I’m typing in a snowbank.
A side note for the ladies…it seems that they now have little colourful knitted mittens to cover the foot stirrups at the doctor’s. When I hailed this with glee, the doctor said it made the whole thing “more friendly”. How cute – people are paying attention to the Vagina Monologues! It was just as violating as usual though.

Tonight I am going to Calgary, Alberta for 10 days, to visit my friend D. So I may not be blogging for that time, as D traditionally keeps computers in all her establishments in a state of serious disrepair. However, Alberta touts itself as being the Texas of Canada, and people there wear cowboy hats out and about without any sense of irony. So rest assured there will be much to ridicule.