Let Garlic Prevail!

Posted on April 19, 2006


Have just returned from a quick trot over to York’s respected Middle Eastern eatery, the redundantly named Falafel Hut Village. While I waited for my shawerma I engaged the proprietor in a topic of some concern to me, the superiority of garlic paste over tehina as a chicken shawerma topping. He related to me the interesting history of this condiment at York: when he first opened his doors he used to put a lot on his shawermas, under the impression that the students of York would appreciate this as we, enlightened Arabs, do. However, he received many complaints and now barely smears any on, since the non-Arab palate is not hardy enough to deal with a strong garlic taste. I suggested that maybe they didn’t want to breathe garlic fumes all over the school, but he insisted that it was their inferior taste buds. He now reserves the garlic for Arab customers.
I have to agree with him. His garlic is way too weak for my liking, supporting his finding really. I don’t want to malign poor Danny though, any racist emphasis in the above is mine.
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