Posted on April 17, 2006


A couple of curious things happened yesterday and today. Yesterday I was walking along down a dark street quite briskly, because it was cold and as ever I was dressed inappropriately under the false impression that spring is here. I had almost gained on the girl ahead of me when she broke into a sprint, stopping around 100 metres down the road where she continued to walk at a normal pace. I can only conclude that she wished to get away from me. I sniffed myself – just the usual Hugo. Yes, it was dark, and I was gaining on her fast, but had she turned around she would have seen that I was much smaller than she and presented no kind of threat. Sure, I wear a lot of noisy jewellery, but I must contend that none of it sounds in any way like the cocking of a gun or anything.

Today I was just parting from my friend J who said to me as he walked away, “Good luck on your paper!”
“Thanks,” I said, as I walked into the library. Some guy who was coming out of it said to me, “Yeah, good luck on your paper!” I have not ever laid eyes on this person before. He was saying it loud and clear, and not like he was making a joke. Flustered, I thanked him too. How bizarre. Exams have only just started and there’s no reason for anyone to have lost it yet.