Retro: Toronto, March 2004

Posted on April 9, 2006


In March 2004, my friend J and I were both living in small boxy studio apartments on campus. We couldn’t afford them, and plus we desperately needed some other room to enter. It’s just freaky to be able to visually encompass your entire living space, kitchen, bathroom and all, by turning your head 40 degrees.
So we decided to move in together, also on campus. However, you have to present a very compelling excuse to transfer from one on-campus apartment to another, especially as by doing so we were depriving them of some revenue. Having not yet embarked on her conversion to Orthodox Judaism, J was open to the sort of fraudulent misrepresentation I enjoy indulging in (I was once the only person who raised her hand when my class was asked “Who thinks it is ethical to lie during a negotiation?” However, in my personal interactions I’m pretty honest). The apartment we were applying for was a two bedroom duplex, normally reserved for students with families. So we filled out a form, where under “reasons” I put:“Want to move in with partner.” I would have had no problem putting down “common law spouse” but J wouldn’t go for that.
And that’s how we got our huge apartment. And no, before you ask – and people have asked, regularly – no one asked us to “prove it”.

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