Quaint little Me-isms

Posted on April 5, 2006


My favourite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy, a medical show (obviously). It’s the good stuff. Each episode is profoundly satisfying, and I know a lot of other people (girls) who feel that way too. I love is so much that I refuse to sully it with commercial breaks; instead of watching it on Sunday nights like everyone else I download it, and then I watch it at my leisure on Tuesday afternoons. I order Swiss Chalet’s double leg dinner, with six pickled pepperoncini peppers on the side and a diet Coke. I brook no interruptions; I ignore all forms of communication.
I usually cry. I also cry regularly at In Justice and Boston Legal. Usually at the happy parts. I don’t know when I became this sort of girl; I definitely wasn’t before. But then when I’m done crying I experience an immense feeling of viewing satisfaction, and then I take out the trash. Tuesday is a good day.

On an unrelated note, as I was crossing the street today a car turned into the street ahead of me even though the Walk sign was on. This doesn’t bother me too much as I ignore pedestrians all the time when I drive, but the woman walking in front of me was so irked that she slapped the back of the car as it passed as if it was a disobedient donkey’s rump. And then she carried on walking. I found this hilarious; first that she would slap a car with her bare hand, probably hurting herself; and second that she would do so without an accompanying volley of profanity (which is my preferred method of street interaction).

It’s snowing today. Yesterday I was in a bar where there was a chalkboard notice that said, “28 Days to patio season!” Hah!

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