Salads and the tossing thereof

Posted on March 10, 2006


In our seminar today someone was giving a presentation about homosexuality as a ground for asylum claims. Of course I wasn’t paying any attention, quietly fiddling with blogs and playing my favourite class game, Rumblecube. The girl was expounding on the admittedly puzzling question of how a claimant can prove said homosexuality – apparently some countries demand an anal exam.
Of course, at the words “anal exam” my head popped up like a cork. I said, “That doesn’t sound very probative – what if they’re not on the receiving end of things?”
Everyone burst out laughing. My professor went so red in the face I feared for her safety. “What? I’m told these things are quite…fixed,” I went on (with perfect timing).
More tearful laughter. OK, I admit it, I play to the crowd. But I’m guessing I should only do so in classes without participation grades.

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