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Posted on March 3, 2006


How do you know you have drunk way too much during the daytime?

  1. When lunch ends at 5 p.m.
  2. When as a result of your drunken teetering, you lock yourself out of your newspaper office, realize that your apartment keys are in there too, and sway over to the library where you alcoholicly request the use of the phone. You call security to come let you in.
  3. On your (extremely joyful and weather ignoring) way home, you run into two acquaintances from high school you haven’t seen in seven years. They are lesbians now. The first thing you say is how drunk you are. You promise to hook up, but you can see that they are too alarmed to actually mean it.
  4. Although you are wearing thin loafers, you stomp carelessly into feet-deep snow, skid on the ice as you have always feared, and fall.

In my defence, it is reading week (as “spring” break is known here) and campus drinking is really the most fun I can find.