Posted on February 17, 2006


One of the biggest problems with living in the ghetto is that the City does not bother to clear the sidewalks of ice and snow (mayhap to incapacitate potential criminals). The result of this is that the length and breadth of North York there is not one person who can walk around while looking ahead of her. Hordes of people are to be seen hobbling along while scrutinizing the paths for treacherous ice. It is walking thus that I have run into overhanging tree branches TWICE so far. One of the times, I was actually walking down the street with a girl I had just met, being all charming ands shit, when I hit my face on a low-hanging tree branch. I had just not seen the tree. To her credit she choked back her hilarity. Branches – I ask you! A banana peel would have been less clichéd.
So the cabaret show is finally over. It’s a relief not to have to listen any longer to such post-show director’s notes as “You need to say ‘poopy’ way more,” and “You definitely gave the finger better yesterday,” – it’s that kind of a show. I also relish no longer having to be humped by a small Asian guy dressed as a lion, in front of hundreds of people.
At the cast party I, as usual, urged the DJ to play my song. He promised to, and then proceeded to suggestively twirl his nipples at me, to what end I know not. My reflexes dulled by alcohol, all I could do was just watch numbly. A lot more funny things happened that night but they haven’t come back to me yet. Alcohol makes me HAVE more fun, but then I don’t remember it. A good trade-off really.

And now, for some homework.

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