Update part 1

Posted on February 5, 2006


You’re probably wondering where I’ve been. Actually I have been doing much more than usual, but the real reason for the no blogging is that my urge for approval has been satisfied with My First Ever Piece of Fan Mail. Well, not counting blog fans. This was a fan of my school newspaper column, someone who emailed in avid praise of some editorial I wrote. So my ego has been simmering nicely. Plus, I’ve been doing this internship and I’ve been required to keep a journal every day, so my confessional needs have been taken care of.
I’ve been occupied with an immigration hearing I had last Friday that had me spinning in desperation and distress, and an internship that started Monday. The hearing was really freaking me out because it seemed imminent that they were going to deport me for not being quite accurate on my citizenship application. I looked up the section in question and it fully said that they would deport you for misrepresentation (although it was just carelessness)…and I so wanted to graduate! I consulted with everyone I know…including my entire seminar on advanced immigration. The professor was horrified – she was a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board for 15 years. They deport people.
Anyway eventually I emailed my immigration professor (the Nigerian one) and asked for an appointment to discuss my problem. I knocked and entered his office to find, to my extreme discomfort, that he was sitting at his desk with his shirt hiked up to his armpits, revealing an expanse of large brown belly. Is this normal? I mean I appreciate that people need to scratch their tummies, but surely they should do so when (female) students are not present. Anyway I let that slide. It speaks volumes for his goodness and non-Canadianess that he made a call to a friend of his who was in practice and called in a favour, getting this guy to stay late in his office, and actually took me there to see him. Other professors would have suggested that I go find my own lawyer at some exorbitant amount and refused to discuss it with me. We made our way downstairs, stopping only for my prof to exchange greetings with a legend of the law who appeared to be lugging a large and heavy mattress to his office, sweating and straining.
So we get into his tiny Japanese car and hip-hop starts blasting from the stereo. Disconcerting. I mean, yes, he’s black, but he’s definitely way too old and way too fresh-off-the-boat. We had a pleasant bitch about how hard everyone works here and how we miss socializing and sitting around aimlessly and the like. He confided in me, though, that he likes Toronto because of its vibrant music scene because he likes to “party”. Again, not cool. Too old, too fat, and too dorky.
So we pulled up at a rather nice office in North York, and I consulted with his friend, to whom I was introduced (sigh) as “an African sister”. I of course made no demur to his since it was going to work out well for me. He was very thorough and very nice and gave me excellent advice, for free. The hearing the following morning went quite well also – the judge accepted my excuse and I passed an oral citizenship exam. I still have to present him with numerous proofs of residency but it shouldn’t be a problem, since i have in fact lived here for a long time. Of course I had to push it and ask him all sorts of perky questions about immigration law like I had nothing to worry about. I would make perky jokes at my own execution. I have no sense of timing whatsoever.

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