A Coptic Christmas

Posted on January 7, 2006


My family aren’t Copts…we fall into that tiny minority of protestant Egyptians. And I mean the handclapping, tongue speaking, holy spirit breathing sort. We celebrate Christmas on the 25th, but some of our friends celebrate on the 7th of January and so we show up for food. All of us stuffed ourselves silly while the menfolk drank “Johnny Watson red label” whiskey (from the fine whiskey stills of Lebanon). I watched for blindness but they emerged more or less unscathed. I figure, if you’re smuggling whiskey in through Iraq, at least smuggle in the original.
After copious eatage and bad jokes and the like we sat around to watch the news. I don’t like to get political much on the blog, but I’m going to now. The thing about Egyptian Christians is – they’re self hating Arabs. In fact, most of them seem quite oblivious to the Arabness politically speaking (when it comes to the repressing of daughters Arabness is fully embraced though). So Sharon is dying – and as far as any informed person goes, it’s good riddance. A butcher of outstanding proportions. But all the “adults” were muttering about how great a leader he’s been since he became prime minister, how he was just trying to be a good defence minister in the genocide days, and all kinds of truly painful shit. The moved on to the even better topic of how the Iraqis deserve to dies in the tens of thousands, since they’re stupid enough to kill other Muslims, and that they don’t deserve better than Saddam Hussein who was apparently the only person who could control squabbling Muslim factions. The general view seems to be – the enemy of my enemy is my friend. As a result of years of discrimination coupled with good old blind prejudice, most Copts are pro-Israeli and American…never mind that both of these states make no distinction between different Arabs and have massacred Iraqis and Palestinians of every religious background. It’s not a matter of sides; mass murder is mass murder and its perpetrators are always evil, no matter what religion they are.
Anyway I got my two cents out then, and now, and I feel better.

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