Sits outdoors, that’s right!

Posted on December 30, 2005


When any young people of a certain amount of privilege get together in Kuwait, their talk is all of how they can get the hell out of Kuwait. It always comes down to: but we can’t make any money anywhere else in the Arab world! And they don’t want us in the Western world. So then we reminisce about the times all of us spent outside Kuwait during our university days (still continuing for the ambitious or stupid of us). I will say though, some of it is insightful political and economic commentary and there’s non of the posing I see from my intelligentsia Canada friends (and I use the term “friends” loosely). I was disturbed to see though that the newest trend among Kuwaiti youth (the sort that will come into contact with women only when the wedding is over) is anime hair. Every little package of testosterone is walking around with his hair carefully teased to spike in ridiculous Japanese ways. This is pretty surprising in a profoundly racist people but it provided lots of entertainment for me – although it was hard to get a good look while avoiding making potentially encouraging eye contact.
Other topics of discussion: how publicly you can drink without being arrested, (my story won), how to form a band and play somewhere when public live music is illegal, and whether one guy had made any more commercials and music videos (not as hot as you’d expect him to be).
And that’s pretty much all the interest I can draw out of the night. Except I can’t believe how much time I spend at Virgin when I’m here, courtesy of a certain blues-obsessed friend. And there were some genuine white trash beefy Americans in there today.