Posted on December 20, 2005


So we’re sitting in the library busily tapping and highlighting away in our little booths, when two guys came in and started carting away all the cubicles and chairs near us. We watched them mesmerized, hoping that they’ll cart ours away thus creating a solid excuse for not studying (“they took away our chairs, professor!”) but just as they got to us they packed it in and left.
So now we’re still here, studying like chumps.

Yesterday there was A FREAKING KID HERE. In the halls of the undergraduate zone is enough, but a Law Library? Even I’m too young to be here, and have been whispering for days straight. And this 5-year-old gets to come in here and climb photocopiers and babble babytalk in a SING SONG VOICE? I gave him a dirty look but he didn’t care.

Monday afternoon, post-exam (I urge you to punch passing refugees in the face, and bring me the bloody teeth. WANNA COME TO CANADA? TAKE YOUR TORTURE LIKE A MAN)
J: Wow, it’s amazing how your outfit is both very warm but provides a view of cleavage.
S: I like to look hot for exams. I think it will make the exam respect me.
J: (laughs) Since when has cleavage ever gotten you respect? It might make the exam buy you a drink. It might make the exam hit on you. But it won’t respect you.
S: Well, it makes me feel confident, and maybe that would scare the exam.
J: I see. Fair enough.
S: I’ll put them away now.

Last exam tomorrow, interesting entries forthcoming.

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