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Posted on December 8, 2005


I guess I should have stipulated that the editorial about my parents is FUNNY. There are absolutely no thoughtful observations in there. Read it.

A couple days ago I was in court, for a real case this time. After the family court volunteering gig wrapped up for the semester, I volunteered to do some criminal work. My supervisor at the law clinic (just some second year who does this as a class) handed me a theft under $5000 case. This woman tried to steal some stuff from Walmart an was caught at the door, blah blah, was told that ethnic people steal. She was pretty sorry though. Anyway so for something small like this you can usually work out a deal with the crown attorney and it all goes away without even a record. Canada is a lovely place like that. So anyway I couldn’t get hold of the crown and all I had to do was appear in court and say so and put the matter over to January 16 when the clinic reopens and we’re back to work. What do you know, I manage to fuck it up. When the judge asked me when I wanted to put it over to, I was just starting to say anytime after the 16th when everybody in the court interrupted me to specify a time. I got confused and picked the 10th, which presents me with a major problem as I won’t be in the country, and then I had to schedule a pre trial conference on the 6th, when school won’t even be open. I have done this a few times before and at no point did it ever come off right. Why am I an idiot? Why? And then my division leader kind of yelled at me. I guess it’s his grade that suffers not mine, and after all I made a very stupid mistake, but I still felt quite downtrodden.
I went and made some phone calls and rescheduled some stuff, but it can’t take away the feeling I have of being totally incompetent. Can anybody here name anything I’m good at? Hmmm? No, I thought not.
I should add that I was late and therefore had to take a cab which leaves me $30 out. on the way back i missed my stop and found myself in the middle of freaking nowhere, after which I took the wrong bus again which brought me right back to where I started. I can’t even take buses right! And I forgot to bow to the judge at least once. And some weirdly friendly/flirtatious counsel sitting next to me asked me if I was there shadowing somebody. I huffily explained I was there representing a client (obviously that was before I cocked it up).
Good news though – I got the dreaded Admin exam delayed because of the teeth. It’ll give me something to do in Kuwait.

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