Medical freakdom confirmed

Posted on November 29, 2005


I went to the dentist for a check up today. It turns out that, lo, I am indeed a medical marvel. Not only did he say “They were really really really hard to get out,” several times, he confessed that he had to take out a huge amount of bone and nearly fractured my jaw. He felt around and it seems the site is healing fantastically but the surgery itself triggered this joint and muscle disorder that I apparently have, some temporomandibular joint problem, which has been dormant for 22 years. He gave me a leaflet about it (also available in Spanish for some reason). He couldn’t tell me when the pain was gonna stop (although he assured me that someday it would). Great.
He felt guilty enough to give me a large bottle of free painkillers. I followed up on this advantage by getting him to write me a note which can hopefully be used to delay the Nightmarest Exam of All Time, Administrative Law. Because while I feel well enough to blog that simply does not extend to the reading of case law.
Apologies to those who have complained about unfunny posts – I haven’t the energy.

Posted in: aches and pains