Posted on November 8, 2005


As the vengeful gods would have it, in administrative law class this evening we solved a whole freaking two hour question about Canada geese. We were looking at whether it showed bias if a judge made comments after an environmental protection hearing that geese were “noisy and dirty”.
“I think he’s biased against geese. Those were some unpleasant comments.”
“Well…He’s probably right.”
“Hey! What have geese ever done to you?”
“They’re our national bird!” (professor)
“It’s uncanadian!”
“I love the geese!”
“So OK…We agree that he showed a bias against geese compared to other birds, and that could contribute towards a lack of procedural fairness?”
It went from comatose to really vociferous very fast. Not even joking, I swear. I just giggled.

I was at the dentist’s today. I was waiting when a nurse came in and muttered the usual mangled vague version of my name. Both me and the girl next to me did a half-raise. We both sat back down. The girl said, “Oh, sorry. I thought she was calling me.”
“Well, what is your name?” I said, detective styles.
“Hey, me too!”
“Ok, what last name do you have there?”
“Zaurmkkig…(mumble mumble)”
“Yeah…I think that’s you.”
It seemed a lot funnier then. I’m so used to keeping a sharp ear out for things that could be my name, I’m completely unable to deal with it actually being my name. Plus, more than one me? Inconceivable.

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