37 facts about me

Posted on October 20, 2005


I got this even more self centred idea from sandmonkey .

  1. I chew my fingers. I actually eat the skin around the nails till they bleed. It’s disgusting, but I can’t stop. It’s why I have acrylic nails…for some reason it prevents me from doing it.
  2. I shake my legs up and down ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I can’t get to sleep because of it. It really bugs people who sit next to me in planes, theatres, on benches.
  3. I hardly ever lie.
  4. I have never once sworn by God, in any language.
  5. I estimate that I have read over 4000 fiction books.
  6. Once for Model United Nations, I simulated the Suez Canal Crisis. I was Gamal Abdel Nasser. I won a Best Delegate award.
  7. I really really want to see B.B. King before he dies.
  8. I once met the current Queen of Jordan. All I could think of to say was “Hi”. Frozen grin. Shook hands.
  9. I’ve met someone who slept with Usher.
  10. My drink of choice is vodka pineapple. The pineapple really eases it down.
  11. I have my Ontario Smartserve license. It means I can bartend in this province. I really suck at it though.
  12. Even though I am 22, I don’t have a driver’s license anywhere. Working on it.
  13. My favourite food is pizza.
  14. I can only carry bags or purses on my left shoulder. This is because at my school it was only cool to carry your backpack on one shoulder, and one time the right strap broke, forcing me to carry it on the left for like 2 weeks. And that’s the way it stayed.
  15. Ever since I was a sophomore (6 years ago) I have carried my stuff to school in this braided blue bag that I bought from the Zabaleen neighbourhood in Cairo on a field trip. It’s made of garbage rags. I bought a teeny laptop to fit into it.
  16. I never drink water. This gives me bladder and kidney infections, causing a horrifying trip to an Egyptian emergency room.
  17. I was in Sharm el Sheikh last July during the terrorist attack. I actually believed at the time that I had shit myself. I didn’t.
  18. I was subjected to a home invasion once. I was unclothed. Very very scary.
  19. I really love Boyz II Men. I don’t care how 1993 that is.
  20. I would rather leave the house without a bra than without earrings.
  21. Bookstores and libraries turn me on.
  22. If Angelina Jolie was into me, I could give up men forever. I don’t care how crazy she is.
  23. Were I to stalk a celebrity, it would be Will Smith. I once went out with a guy because he looked like Will Smith (at the time his school uniform was a black suit with a white shirt and black tie, and he had shades. You get the picture).
  24. My specialty is immigration and refugee law. I love a good criminal though.
  25. One day, I will write a book. A “chicklit” novel. Am collecting material now.
  26. I have one sister. We refer to each other exclusively using nicknames that change every few months.
  27. I can thread off hair.
  28. I can crochet. I make hats and scarves for myself.
  29. I have never bought a music cd.
  30. I have a secret passion for the U.S. Supreme court. I have taken 9 credits on the subject.
  31. I hate dogs, cats and children. Although my womb is starting to prod me in the direction of the latter.
  32. I love swing dancing. And salsa, but I suck hard at that.
  33. I hate sports. And I hate people who complain about racism against black people (I know it exists, I just hate the complaining). Despite this, I love movies about race and sports. Especially together.
  34. Made up names drive me CRAZY.
  35. Murphy’s law is the most fundamental principle of existence.
  36. I decided to go to law school largely because of Ally Mcbeal.
  37. I used to fence. Needless, to say, I gave it up when it appeared I had to sacrifice my nails. The have plastic boob cups in the fencing jackets.
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