Posted on October 14, 2005


In my continuing quest for an articling position, I called up some lawyers today to beg for a job (for more on the search, read issue 6 of the Obiter Dicta). I got this woman, M.B. and we had a chat about being a lawyer and making money etc. She said she wasn’t making enough money to hire a student and said something about forwarding my resume on the criminal lawyers’ association and the refugee lawyers’ association list servs. Fabulous, of course. But I didn’t understand whether she wanted me to do it or that she would. So I said “That’s great – but isn’t that too intrusive? Maybe these lawyers wouldn’t welcome an unsolicited resume dropping into their inboxes.”
She just erupted at me. “Jesus Christ! If I’ve made the suggestion it’s obviously all right – are you questioning my judgement? If you’re not interested just say so!” And she slammed the phone down before I could explain. FUCKING WHORE. I’m glad she makes less money. But now, so will I.

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