Pat me, please

Posted on October 12, 2005


I work on the school newspaper, the Obiter Dicta. That’s Latin for “comments by the way” i.e. not the deciding rule in a case. When we all started law school we embraced Latin like it was going out of style – wait, it has gone out of style. But you wouldn’t believe the jokes about mens rea while dicta obviously provided many opportunities for the youthful of spirit, shall we say. The U of T law newspaper also has a Latin legal term as a name, the Ultra Vires. That means beyond jurisdiction, or power. Hardly apt, right? Stupid Ts. All the other less pretentious schools have normal English names.
ANYWAY. We’ve decided that the paper this year should move away from, like, actual news and be generally fluffy. In that spirit, the Editor-in-Chief has gotten us all long sleeved T-shirts that say Obiter Dicta on the front, while on the back it says “05-06 Editorial Staff – Frivolous and Vexatious”. Do you see what I mean about the legal puns? I don’t even think we use that term in Canada. Anyway I showed the shirt to my friend G, arguably the most involved person in extra curriculars in the history of the school. He took one look and said “You guys are such nerds,” and walked away. The t-shirts I’ve seen him wear – please. “9021Oz –Back to Osgoode High”; “Class of 007 – Shaken, not Stirred”. At least mine is long sleeved. I’m not a nerd, right? Right?