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Posted on October 9, 2005


Today my roommate S (new, Sikh this time) and I went to the mall, ostensibly to buy dumbbells for me. My bits are beginning to jiggle…very disconcerting in a 22 year old, I thought. Anyway, eventually we were at Telus where S attempted to bargain for the purchase of a hands free head set. After some haggling, the sales guy leaned over and said to us “OK, I have some of these in my car…I can sell them to you for twenty.” Alarmed, I stopped flirting with the Arab gino (or arino) who also worked there and whispered to S that this was highly sketchy. But she was unfazed. “Meet me outside that exit in 5 minutes,” salesguy said. He left.
I gave the arino a parting smile (he goes to York too…apparently I’ll be seeing him around…the place is full of arinos but very few have fauxhawks with the tips dyed red and nose rings). We sauntered to ward the exit and stood out there for a minute. Eventually the guy came over and with absolutely not enough shame handed S the set and she handed over a twenty dollar bill, complaining that he should have given her more of a discount since it wasn’t costing him anything. The guy was black, by the way. But who am I to stigmatize? I aided and abetted in receiving stolen goods! Someone tell the Law Society, quick. As we left I remarked to S, “You just committed your first crime.”
“First?” she said. “That punk, charging me $20!”

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