Funniness declines

Posted on September 27, 2005


Our retarded landlord dragged our ass out of bed this morning (almost literally) to come sign his stupid lease. When all we want is to get out of the apartment anyway. So while I was there this Jamaican couple came in and threw an absolutely enormous fit, declaring that the reason their application for an apartment had been rejected was because the landlord was prejudiced against everybody but whites and Indians. It got really vociferous and the landlord cowered visibly in face of accusations that he didn’t know what human rights were. I felt thrilled to be viewing a race riot with my own eyes.I felt like nobly rising to the occasion and declaring my availability as counsel for their cause, all the way to the supreme fucking court, man! But there are dozens of black people in the building. I also didn’t think that pointing out I wasn’t Indian would get me anywhere. So I just whisked my lease from under gesticulating limbs and got out. Interestingly, it came out that the woman was the one with the job and the good credit. Also there were numerous stories and anecdotes exchanged documenting how Indians hate blacks. The fracas made me 20 minutes late for class. One day someone will not be able to emigrate to Canada because I will have missed a critically important requirement that they needed to fulfill. That landlord will have blighted the hopes of many – not all black.

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