Posted on September 23, 2005


Let the record show that I in fact conducted a brilliant direct examination of a real police officer during Trial Practice on Tuesday night. I have to publicize this because four instructors said I was good and I generally suck at all law-related pursuits. However, during that selfsame class I was sitting listening to the teacher with an intent expression on my face, whereupon she stuck her tongue out at me. Adjunct faculty have come a long way on the “hipness” front. Aghast I spluttered, “W- What?!”
“You look so serious!”
In turmoil I blurted, “But this is my student expression!”
“It’s very good,” she said smilingly. Goddamn it. I knew I should have stuck to calculating my daily calorie intake on diet websites, instead of, like, paying attention, God forbid. What an indignity.

In a bid to be the best roommate ever, I borrowed a video of “Pretty Woman” from the public library (the very North York library indicated in the cartoon) yesterday when I was there to borrow books to assuage the internet/TV/phone-free siege. My roommate had mentioned she wanted to see it. In my do-gooding fervour I paid little attention to the label on it that said “described for low vision viewers”. I thought that might mean sharper definition or something. When I got home she popped it in and we settled down. To our alarm we heard a soothing airline-woman sort of voice saying “…She zips up long black patent leather boots….” “A smile tugs at the corner of his mouth” “Her eyes glisten”. And we couldn’t even hear the dialogue! We couldn’t believe it. If this commentary were in a book we would need a bucket within barfing distance.
Too tired for more witticism. Plus ants keep crawling into my keyboard. How does it feel in there?

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