Back-to-school blues

Posted on September 7, 2005


I know, I have never been able to write a title. This is pretty distressing after three straight years working on the law school newspaper.

Yesterday was the first day of the semester. It was actually…unawful, although the air was filled with the hubbub of third years’ discontent. It’s also way too sunny outside for academia. After my night class I went out to join the first years on their orientation pub crawl since most of my friends are organizers, and also to take mental notes for an article. Needless to say, the evening concluded with a drunken first year puking on my bare foot. There was no warning…he was asleep and then he just sat up and barfed on the foot. As organizers, we had to call him a taxi to take his drunk ass home for fear of incurring liability. We spent a lot of time shouting of “DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR ADDRESS?” and “THROW UP IN THIS BAG NOT ON THE GROUND” on the sidewalk in front of the law school as he swayed to and fro. There was another drunken first year who we also called a cab for (reluctantly on my part, as he was one of those guys who grows extra hands when intoxicated). As we chatted while waiting around for his cab, he just turned around and walked away. By the time we noticed he was out of sight.

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