Posted on August 31, 2005


I was at the pool again today. This was actually quite a cheerful endeavour since there seemed to be a fair number of females with jiggling mountains of fat which both mesmerized me and placed me in an attractive light.
To my right was this youngish Kuwaiti guy who surprisingly enough had brought along a bottle of liquor and was mixing drinks with almost total nonchalance (alcohol is illegal here). The only concession he made to the possibility of an extended prison sentence was a flimsy plastic bag. But this is what I wanna draw your attention to, people: at some point he made a phone call clearly to someone in some position of servitude to bring him something, telling him he was by the pool. Eventually a small brown man arrived and gave him what? A hairband. Motherfucker. Not only has he espoused this unfortunate, unquestionably gay, fad, he can’t sit by the pool for two hours without this item? Goddamn Kuwaiti bitches.
There was even another man who brought an extremely expensive piece of Louis Vuitton luggage to the pool.
I’ll be glad to get out of this barbarian moneyed air.

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