Push and Pull

Posted on August 28, 2005


I’ve just been browsing some other blogs and it occurs to me that no one else’s blog is as exclusively about their extremely tame little life as mine is. Bitter little diatribes against socio-political phenomena seem to be popular. Whereas I, in a supreme act of sacrifice to my dear readers, have not even mentioned nearly being blown up in Sharm el Sheikh with attendant analysis. Let that be a lesson to you, O politically aware people not cognizant of my existence. Wait, I have mentioned it. Well, OK then.
In breathtakingly self centred style, then, I will mention two facts about me, which cancel each other out, attraction wise.
One: I have such long curly eyelashes that it has taken me three trips to the optician dude’s to find a pair of glasses that do not brush up against them. Beauty is a burden sometimes, little ones.
Two: in tribute to Bedouin culture, and as a testament to my lack of real social life here, I have not showered for four days. Or it could be just cos I’m lazy and dirty.

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