Winding down…

Posted on August 27, 2005


I was in Cairo, Egypt for June, July and part of August, and that’s why I haven’t been blogging. Living in Cairo demands all of a person’s skills and endurance and leaves no time for idle Western-style fiddling with media. There’s not much energy for introspective, or even humourous, thought. That and everyone who reads this blog was actually with there with me.

Was just talking to a friend about how he read some book called “A Manifesto of New York” and how it’s changed his perspective on cities and whatnot. This is a nice time to say: New York is not that fabulous. Admittedly I have only been there for 12 hours and I fell asleep on a ferry by Ellis Island, but being young and arrogant (if not a Republican) I still feel that I can dismiss things I don’t know about. I feel that if a city hasn’t experienced at least one major invasion of certain antiquity and if Jesus or similar holy person hasn’t been there, it’s not worth documenting and revering as a wondrous microcosm of whateverishness. Which brings me back to Cairo, which does fulfill the above requirements.

My time in Egypt encompassed a bewildering variety of experiences including one close brush with terrorism-induced death, a torrid romance and an unfortunate Beyonceish hair dyeing escapade. It seemed like a good idea in Cairo to spend four hours ensuring that my hair was a colour that could not have occurred in nature.
And now that I have said nothing that I was gonna say, I will end here. It’s 6:48 am. I figure that if I fuck up my sleeping cycles while here, in Kuwait, then I will be able to sleep right when I get to Canada. Simple, yet genius, no?

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