Posted on May 15, 2005


While I was in Canada I yearned for the Arab world, yearned to just look around me and see swarthy, overdressed individuals with smoke swirling around their heads. I’m here now, and instead, it’s overtanned foreigners looking around in concerned puzzlement. I must have met half of Texas by now.
So today I found myself sitting next to some military dude who is apparently engaged in what amounts to military intelligence – “protecting” American troops from those who want to harm them. Unfortunately I lent only half an ear to this bit and instead could not resist asking him how he felt about being involved with an organization the main aim of which was to fuck large numbers of people over. He agreed that there was very little defence involved and that the United States should have stayed out of a lot of stuff, but that their intentions were good. Whatever that means. Anyway I did unfortunately says some shit about the merits of resistance…although violence does beget violence, not resisting makes invaders think they can stay. Not that radical a view right? So I’m freaked out now…but yet I compound my indiscretion by publishing it on the internet. Fabulous.
Anyway his colleague, a blonde girl, took my number so that we could go to the Chocolate Bar or shopping together. Or was that some ploy so she could worm out of me my violent predilections? Hey, I’m a just a talker! Don’t hurt me!
They told me that on Camp Doha they don’t in fact have liquor or clubs etc. That’s not what we heard! Maybe they’re just telling people that to keep public opinion in their favour?
Zoze bastards!

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