Posted on April 20, 2005


I am moving. I don’t know quite where to yet, but I decided it’s best to look around for movers beforehand. I looked in the yellow pages and called a moving company. It went straight to voicemail and said “Hi, this is Chris Reed’s voicemail. THIS IS NOT THE MOVING COMPANY. If you’re actually looking for Chris, leave a message now.” I fell about laughing, of course. The number is 416 238 4515 if you want to give it a shot yourself. Being the demon of accuracy that I am, I called back to hear the message again to determine the exact wording for posterity (and blogging). To my dismay, the guy picked up. I asked for the moving company, muffling my laughter. The guy was pretty nice, explaining the situation. Summoning up my well nigh non existent acting skills I said “Oh, that must be so annoying for you!” (muffled laughter).
“Yeah…I get calls pretty much every day.”
“OK…thanks” (quiet squeal).

I also tried to bring into play some of my supposed lawyer skills and negotiate with another company. The guy broke out into a 15 minute spiel about how he was from the East Coast where people were honest and how his competitors were unprofessional and cheated their customers. I am summarizing and adding correct grammar liberally. Even people in the background joined in the tirade. Clearly saying, “Those prices are not very competitive,” was the equivalent of cursing the Catholic church. I backed off super far and hung up before I could hear more of his neo-Irish crap. Stupid fishermen.

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