Posted on April 11, 2005


Yesterday I was reading a case, when I let out a little giggle. A friend who was studying next to me was so surprised that he took off his headphones and leaned over to me saying incredulously, “Are you laughing at a Supreme Court case?!”
Apologetically I replied, “Look, there’s an exclamation mark. It’s in italics. Do you how excited this judge must be, dude? I’ve never seen an exclamation mark in a case before!” He smiled at me indulgently and went back to Patents.

After an exam today as I was deliriously typing a paper in a computer lab I heard myself say “Hey, what’s up?” to nobody. I just unilaterally struck up an imaginary conversation. I looked around furtively but luckily everyone else was as delirious as me.

Oh and fuck. I am apparently so frantic with exhaustion that I actually skipped a whole question on that exam. Fuck.

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