Posted on April 1, 2005


Had a bit of a panic attack today. I needed an outlet, so I called the computer store where my laptop has been supposedly being fixed for a month and a half. I wanted to entreat them to retrieve my notes from the first half of the semester. Predictably, this was not possible.
Me: (gentle charm) All right, but if you get a really substandard lawyer one day, that’ll be me, and it’ll be because of this! (roommate laughs in background, as any normal person would)
Tech Guy: I’m sorry…I can put you through to the legal department if you like….We don’t handle legal claims here….
Me: It’s not that…I’m a law student.
Tech guy: Oh. Huh. How’s that going for ya?
Me: It would have gone better if I’d had my notes!

On another note, some exam crazed student has posted photocopies of their toy elephant around the school with the sign “Have you seen this elephant? Reward!” Now, suspending our disbelief for a moment, if it’s lost, how come they’ve photocopied it? Naturally, this was the topic of serious discussion among my friends and I. As P noted, photocopying it was definitely “welfare”. Who the hell photocopies anything other than their own anus?