and again…deriving amusement from other people’s oddities

Posted on March 6, 2005


Yesterday I spent the evening listening to something called African Blues in what turned out to be a shady bar. While the music was pretty good, I was riveted by the crowd.
It was what I think of as being a “Hamilton crowd”. In my years of living in that burg of evil-smelling steel fumes, I frequently found myself in bars, particularly those playing live music, where the audience members seemed entirely composed of middle aged white people of questionable demeanour and a cast of otherwise eccentric individuals. Last night, there was actually a guy in a Che Guevara hat and long flowing black locks who was alone and stared out at the crowd with an air of infinite sadness. There was an overweight drunk 40ish guy in glasses who swayed around the dance for scaring others. My friend correctly remarked that the guy must have been unable to see his penis for the last few years. There was the white guy with the mullet ineptly seducing a rounded black woman in a tight striped dress that made her look like some kind of jail-themed sausage. My favourite, though, was a party of three young Asian guys clearly fresh of the boat with three 50ish white women. I could make neither head nor tail of this. A large portion of my evening was spent gazing at them in what must have seemed like a hostile fashion and making conjectures as to the nature of their relationship. It did not seem to be of a sexual nature, though of course that was the most entertaining idea to suggest itself to my mind, if porn is to be believed as having any bearing on real life. My friend took one look and said “The internet.” while that may have explained many of the other couples there I didn’t think this was one of those cases – they all seemed to know one another. Finally I settled on it being some kind of learning enterprise, something along the lines of a guided tour of Toronto. Bo-ring. Where’s my interracial interage orgy?
And all these people were actually dancing! In a city where dancing is the exclusively performed by the young, the female, and the ethnic, it was baffling to me that so many unlikely characters thought it appropriate to fling themselves about like that in public. My retinas are scarred. I am not a proponent of age being only a number.
I also ate a large shawerma that evening, but that’s neither here nor there.