Household drama

Posted on February 23, 2005


Clingfilm is a curious substance. For one thing, they call it plastic wrap here, which is not in itself odd since theoretically that is its function. I prefer clingfilm because it is rarely that I have emerged the victor from any encounter with it – “wrapping” hardly ever occurs. Today was no exception.
First, you can’t cut it using that gay little serrated edge….and if you do it keeps folding up and will in no way spread itself out or wrap around anything you want it to wrap around. Today I tried flinging it around like I was airing a sheet but it just rolled itself up. After a manful struggle, I tried to put the container away and cut myself on that ineffectual edge. It won’t cut the clingfilm, but it slides right through skin. Lovely. I’ve been telling people it was a real knife…Much less pussyish.

You can probably tell I’m having an uneventful few days. On a more positive note, I think I have learned to drive. Truly astonishing in a 22 year old.

Posted in: humour, stupidity